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A Roleplay community for Original Characters based in a post-apocalyptic world where if the environment doesn't kill you, its inhabitants surely will.
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Humans - After all the wars, riots, death, epidemic, and mutations, the world's population dropped dramatically. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain; if anything, they're struggling to remain on the face of the Earth. They're not against more vulgar methods to keep themselves that way either. When it comes to the humans who live in Limbo, their views on mutants and others outside their bubble is a little... skewed. They've been taught that the mutants are nothing but the lesser race, savages even, and the humans that make pardon with them are just as bad. While on the flip side, humans outside the Dome are generally far more accepting and more than likely see the humans within the Dome misinformed and prudish.

Mutants - Once upon a time they used to be human, at least the vast majority were. Reproduction for mutant is riddled with complications and rare, leaving the survival of the species to those few non-mutated humans, but there has been records where a mutant couple has conceived, and the genetically altered child survives past infancy. The mutants' forms have been disfigured due to the unwanted help from the lingering gaseous chemicals from the Nevermore Incident; anywhere from multiple limbs, orifices, tentacles, peeling skin that exposes horrors beneath, to simple changes such as jagged teeth and coloring skin. It all depends on the level of exposure and concentration of the dose. An easy solution to have prevented this would have been body cover and a breathing apparatus, but not everyone is so blessed. A silver lining to the mutations is heightened senses and abilities- that is, if you're lucky. Others have simply developed more health issues. Very few mutants reside in Limbo, since once you are found out to be one you are removed from the dome immediately. Those who do either know someone that can keep them in, or are in a place of power and Limbo can't afford to remove them.
Extras -
:bulletred: While mutants do garner different/added attributes, please note cat ears/tail, dragon tail, phoenix wings, and all that sugary goodness won't be allowed. This is still Earth, and while the theme isn't entirely realistic, mythical creatures are still a myth. As for normal animals, feel free to add animal attributes if you'd like. Webbed fingers, feathers, claws, etc, but we're not accepting anthro characters.
:bulletred: As for powers, we're non too picky! Examples range from enhanced speed and senses, to vomiting acid and setting things ablaze. We're just trying to keep the theme of this less magical and more science fiction.

Ferals -  Highly dangerous and extremely deadly, these creatures are ruthless monsters that are mere shells of the humans they once were. They're seemingly mindless, but fast and volatile, appearing to focus only on the destruction and consumption of weaker beings. The Ferals are an unexpected side effect of the widespread distribution, use, and misuse of the Catharsis drug.



Government officials - One would assume with a crumbling civilization, anarchy would rein and rules would be abolished, but even in the face of downfall, leadership is still inevitable. Government officials are all top dog within Limbo, whether they're human or accidentally became otherwise during their... permanent 'term in office'.  It is their job to appoint firm laws, and ruling with fear in terrifying times, promising salvation, and executing damnation if need be. However, despite that sour note, they like to sugar coat it with the promise they're considering what is better for Limbo and those who reside within its walls.

Authorities - The cops, which speaks for itself. They're mostly to defend and patrol Limbo's boarders. While they also do routine checks on other areas to cut back any chances of riots or other volatile uprisings, their main priority are those within the Dome. To protect them, and to strictly enforce the laws placed there.

Soldiers - Another authority branch, however, unlike the cops that patrol the Dome and trash cluttered slums, the soldier's job is to watch out for the barriers, and accompany the occasional trip beyond the borders. They're also more drafted into the spot rather than willingly going into the force considering they're injected with the mutation strand in hopes of giving them heightened senses and powers. Lucky for them, any physical changes are very minor. soldiers are heavily armed and well trained. If a cop can't get you to behave, a soldier surely will.

Scientists - This job is split into two categories:
You have those scientists who have shied away from fixing the world, who are more concerned with present issues (IE: Creating food, cleansing water, pulling clean air from polluted air).
Then there are the scientists that work on Project Nevermore, and owned by the government more or less. It is their job to collect and tag Ferals, work on a cure for the mutations, and everything that involves the above. Of course, the majority blame the worlds current state on this Project, and they wouldn't be far from the truth. That being said, those working on the Project do not speak of it other than to those who know about it, and lie about their work to keep themselves safe.

Engineers - Need something? To them you go, and the Government has done exactly that. The Engineers are the reason for their still functioning helicopters, weaponry, other machines, and the gas masks that allow many to venture into the toxic world without fear of being turned. They often work with scientists in a conjoined effort to make life a bit more bearable. Those not being paid well are often working out of garages and car lots working on commissions.

Religious figures - Repent all ye sinners, for the end of this world is at hand. When the world goes to hell in a hand basket, people turn desperate, and that often times leads to a church's doorstep. While some still hold onto their religion in a peaceful manner, many extremists were born from the panic, and are willing to shout out about God's plan, and the reasoning for the world's destruction was punishment for the sheep that wandered too far from His will.

Terrorists - Just as there are people who want to stop and reverse the effects of the many catastrophes that plague society, there are those who want to perpetuate it all and make matters worse. There are rumors that the outbreak and the Catharsis and all calamities to with it were all planned, and these people organize themselves in order to finish the job, actively sparking feral outbreaks and killing scientists and trying to halt Nevermore progress.

Criminals - A rather broad subject. From needy thieves to blood thirsty killers, and organized crime. Even in a world where the walls are crumbling around everyone, there are still rules, and rules are meant to be broken. Three major gangs grip the crime world, each run by Valshe, Dmitri, and an undisclosed third(open character position), and are ever at odds with the authorities who try to stomp them out.

Others - Barmaid, shop keepers, chef, you can get creative.
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